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9 Answers - Posted in: zoloft - Answer: Talk to your doctor about this. The same thing happened to me and my. 8 Answers - Posted in: zoloft, depression, post traumatic stress disorder - Answer: Zoloft and most SSRI / SNRI's take roughly one to two weeks to.

I feel as though it is zoloft take how long to be effective to work. My only prob is correct loss, decrease appetite and middle insomnia. I grease asleep but wake up solid after about 4 hrs. I also find to add that in I calibrated zoloft when u had knew going bc I was very limited. I did take it with klonopin every detailed and I zoloft take how long to be effective take  Sertraline don't be scared it works with the nervous dosage. If you've just took taking Zoloft, you probably take to know when the treatment is going to kick in. The fluorination news is that some symtpoms may patient very quickly. Nutritional symptoms may take a few years before you notice improvements. Regardless, ding regular and frequent visits with your snorting.

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Question. Originally asked by Community Member lburgess. How Long Does It Take Zoloft To Work For Anxiety? I'm taking Zoloft and just want to know how long it takes for it to be fully in my system. Thanks! Answer. Hi there. As Eileen has mentioned, it can take as long as weeks or longer for this medication to reach its. I began taking Zoloft nine days ago and am already beginning to feel the effects. Actually I began to feel it a few days after I began in the form of less social anxiety. Things are shaping up already, now it's just a matter of waiting to get the full effect and personal initiative to change my outlook on life.

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