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Prescription medication Griseofulvin. Method, Dosage (click row for calculator), Concentration, Period, Duration. Oral, mg/lb, mg/packet, Daily, Not less than 10 days. Therapeutic Class Antifungal. Species Horses. May Be Prescribed by Vets for: Ringworm. FDA Status Griseofulvin oral powder is commercially available as oral powder g. Search for Available Dosage Forms.

Doctors and griseofulvin dosage in horses. The obverse may be caused by a different or fungal infection. People. Cipro. refills. What conditions does Cipro treat. Christmas to Prevent Anthrax receiving Exposure to Work, Acute Maxillary Sinus H.

teratogenicity Long-term treatment with griseofulvin is only moderately efficacious against Trichophyton equinum and less active against Microsporum spp. Possible side effects from high doses or long-term therapy include anorexia. Griseofulvin Powder Indications; Warnings and cautions for Griseofulvin Powder; Direction and dosage information for Griseofulvin Powder. Griseofulvin Powder. This treatment applies to the following species: Horses. Manufacturer: Bimeda. (microsize). FOR ORAL USE IN HORSES. Contains g Active Ingredient.

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