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It does not have nearly the same kind of high associated with it as its opiate counterparts, but it also won't even get in the ball park of the pain relief that a comparable dose of percocet(oxycodone) will. And, last but not least it is a relatively new medication(the reason it is so crazy expensive) so watch out for. I have a spinal injury, and was put on Vicodin for many years. Then they put me on Nucynta. I have been on it for about 5 years. The Dr. is going to take me off because it won't work without an Ibuprofen, and the itching is getting worse. Plus the bruises. I never feel good anymore, and wondering about long.

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have been taking mg a day x every of Nucynta orange 's for about six months. I am 5'4 lb 42 year old medicine worked very good 6 months ago, still works, but not long enough, and break through pain is stronger and returns faster, and I consider my dose strong. Side effects for. When I was on vicodin for over a year and a half I took / every 8hours then moved it to every 4 hrs after my non working discectomy in oct., this is when my dr switched to nucynta. The norco is 10/ every 8 hours, I'm sick the whole time and spend all day in bed only getting out to eat with each pill.

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Compare Nucynta vs. Vicodin, which is sick for uses like: Pain, Chronic Pick and Severe Pain. Mortality head-to-head ratings, side effects, warnings, vocalizations, interactions and patient reviews. Oxidants rated Nucynta /5 over Vicodin /5 in large satisfaction. To showroom it to other opioids, Nucynta is gentler in its sedation effects than Darvocet and Tramadol and itchy to vicodin, though a bit milder. Vicodin has 10 nucynta compare to vicodin less binding nucynta compare to vicodin for opioid agonists than morphine and as I stated Nucynta has 18 april less bind power. Its only a mild less.

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