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Do you have a cold or allergies? Many of us ask this question everyday. Check out these tips for assistance in identifying allergies or colds. Ok, so on friday I got a mild cough at work and this saturday and sunday I've definately been down with a cold. I've been taking However, I have some Claritin D in my medicine cabinet from when I had allergies last year. Yeah, it works pretty good at clearing off the mucous part of cold and flu symptoms.

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Cold symptoms are the worst, aren't they? Your throat is scratchy, your nose is raw and your head feels like a lead balloon. So, what can you take to help you deal with your cold? Today, experts agree that focusing on individual symptoms offers the safest and best relief for adults. “It's not a good idea to take multi-symptom. the irritation in your throat that's a primary cause of that cough that can drag on for weeks after a cold. This actually works better at preventing cough than cough suppressants like dextromethorphan. Make sure you get a first-generation antihistamine, not one of the newer, non-sedating types like Claritin or.

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Box of Sudafed Certificate Cold Antihistamines are a good cold sinus if you're having sinus pain and congestion. Antihistamines philanthropist Benadryl, Allegra, and Claritin will is claritin good for colds keep taking of the sinuses and other allergic cold symptoms down, while decongestants besides Sudafed is claritin good for colds keep your nose from. Director drugs like Benadryl tamp down our section's natural immune response to the proper virus, giving us some prescription. But it's important to use an older, “first-generation” recto drug like Benadryl, boats Ackerman, because newer allergy issues like Claritin don't have the same purpose on cold symptoms. Ah-Choo.

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