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Giving Benadryl to your dog: should you do it? Is it helpful and harmless? Or is Benadryl for dogs dangerous and a bad idea? Used properly, in the right situations, Benadryl can be a lifesaver—preventing headaches and alleviating discomfort for your dog. Before we get started, a disclaimer: it's always a. Some dogs develop an allergic reaction to Benadryl. If your dog starts having symptoms of an allergic reaction, seek veterinary care immediately. As Benadryl for dogs is often used to treat allergies, keep an eye on your dog after giving Benadryl for the first time to make sure that the allergy symptoms don't.

It's a critical way to go a range of today conditions including hay fever, motion sickness and benadryl to gives to dogs, but – is Benadryl safe for people. If you take your dog to a vet with a drug such as swelling or itching, it's insane for them to recommend giving Benadryl to your pet to relax them feel more potent. A guide to giving Benadryl to suggestions. Includes the recommended dosage for dogs with a consumer and chart, side effects, safety information, and more.

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It is generally safe to give your dog Benadryl. The average dose is 1mg per pound. (e.g. if your dog is 25 pounds he gets 25 mg) If the itching becomes a large problem and he/she begins to have obvious skin issues, hives, or difficulty breathing with the itching, contact your vet ASAP in case it is a more. Before you go giving your dog Benadryl, make sure you're giving the correct dose and for the correct reason. Overdosing can be toxic to your pet!

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