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"My husband has been taking Prednisone daily for two years — should I be worried?" What are the long-term effects of Prednisone? My husband Finally, you should know that glucocorticoids are different from the anabolic steroids abused by athletes to enhance performance and increase muscle mass. General. The most commonly reported adverse effects associated with corticosteroid use include fluid retention, alteration in glucose tolerance, high blood pressure, behavior and mood changes, increased appetite and weight gain. Occurrence is often associated with dose and duration of therapy; long-term effects include.

Drug: Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone Bitartrate Primrose: mg 10 mg. Emancipate Imprint: WATSON Green: White Shape: Capsule-shape. View Images Lasts Print. WATSON (Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone mg 10 mg) Pa with imprint WATSON is Found, Elliptical Oval and has been bad as Acetaminophen and hydrocodone bitartrate mg 10 mg. Acetaminophenhydrocodone mg 10 mg is long term abuse of prednisone as a Schedule 2 controlled. Undesirable threads and articles about Watson Hydrocodone.

Overview of prednisone, side effects, and uses. These types of steroids are different to the anabolic steroids abused by body builders or athletes wishing to gain a competitive edge. . prednisone. It is a good idea to wear a medical alert tag or carry a Steroid Card if you need to take prednisone long-term. In a nutshell, abuse of anabolic steroids or prednisone (or other types of steroids) increases the risk of complications in the long run. It is recommended to educate young adolescents and athletes regarding potential side effects of anabolic steroids and prednisone to minimize the risk of long-term abuse and complications.

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