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I am interested to find out more about a recent headline I came across the other day. It talked about the relationship between Metformin(some peoples friend and some peoples enemy) and red wine. The idea was that red wine and Metformin combined interacted with your cells in some positive OK with Metformin?? It is generally acceptable to drink a glass of wine while taking metformin; however, it's best to be careful because of the risk of lactic acidosis. Additionally, there is a risk of hypoglycemia when a diabetes patient drinks alcohol, whether or not the patient takes metformin.

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I'm new to Metformin myself, had a bottle of red wine last Friday, my first venture into alcohol since diagnosis, felt great the next morning. I don't seem to experience gastro problems either like some people, mind you I take them with my meal so whether that takes that edge off them I dont know. Disclaimer:   Wine and Metformin? Editor's Note: You may have seen headlines about the study in Diabetes Care that found protective benefits of moderate wine drinking on the reduction of macro- and microvascular complications in people with type 2 diabetes. We were intrigued by the question of why drinking was even included in the.

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