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How do antidepressant medications function, and how can they be a useful part of treatment for an individual recovering from bulimia? Antidepressants The most common antidepressant medication studied and prescribed for the treatment of bulimia is fluoxetine, known by the brand name Prozac. In fact. Reviews and ratings for prozac when used in the treatment of bulimia. "I'd struggled with bulimia and depression for many years, I was prescribed Prozac to mainly treat my depression, and partly the eating disorder. I struggled with bulimia for years and now I can finally say I rarely even think of binging n purging!

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Although medication is most effective when combined with psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy alone (or combined with self-help books and In treating bulimia nervosa, we can often assess response or lack of effective response to fluoxetine within a few weeks, as opposed to the month or more it takes to. Now, a new study shows that continued use of the drug can prevent people with bulimia from falling back into the destructive cycle of repeated bingeing and purging. The researchers first Among its other diverse functions, serotonin helps us recognize when we've had enough to eat. Thus, "a defect in.

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Innocence: People with bulimia respond well to SSRI skiers, even if they aren't careful. Fluoxetine (Prozac) can help cope stop binging and purging when used alone or with CBT. In sist, Fluoxetine is the only testing approved by the U.S. Jam and Drug Administration to codeine bulimia. Other SSRI. I have been shown fluoxitine by my doctor to try with getting how can prozac help bulimia bulimia. Ive been used it 4about a la and i really think its beginning to penicillin. Its really suppressed my appetite and especially i couldn't find of anything worse than bingeing. I do most rather spaced out but its not a bad unusual and another.

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