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Based on the 2 to 7 day half-life, it can be calculated that complete systemic clearance of fluoxetine is likely to take anywhere from 11 to days after stopping. However, just because the fluoxetine will have likely been cleared from your body in under 39 days does not mean that its metabolites will have. Great answer But Prozac leaving the system also depends on your weight and size and how much you were on. But 7 months, you are assured that it is out of your system. Was there a replacement for this pill? Did your doctor take you off of it? If not you should touch basis with him/her. I wish you the best.

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4 Answers - Posted in: prozac - Answer: Fter a year and stopping rather abruptly you can expect to feel the side for , months. The drug may leave you system, but its affects will linger. Votes: +0 How long will 30mg of Prozac take to be out of my system if I only took two doses? Posted 3 Nov. Your thyroid and hormonal issues throw a monkey wrench into a complicated situation already! I wouldn't take Prozac again if what you went thru was due to it, never again! I do hope you are feeling better soon and if Pamee says it will take a few days to get out of your system, you can certainly believe her.

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