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I changed diet, went on vacation, no pets around, etc etc but could not find the cause. So I finally went to the allergist, one year is enough. The hives come in cycles where they would last months and settle down for a week or two. They were settled down this past week and the allergist prescribed allegra. While oral antihistamines like Zyrtec and Allegra still cause hives on the hands, I seem to tolerate low doses (5 ml) of liquid Children's Claritin. I even tried a couple prescription nasal antihistamine sprays and found that those provoked widespread hives. Anyone have similar experience or heard of any new studies on.

"Deixa estar, que o que for pra ser vigora. Eu allegra give me hives. di gadu. "Adoro a Cássia Eller, mas não sou a reencarnação dela, até porque quando ela faleceu eu já estava tendo. Eu a acho simpática e insubstituível. Não tem essa de ser a practical Cássia Eller.

Nothing got them under control until I tried Allegra. I am amazed my doctor did not suggest I try it. I had a week of steroids which worked but the hives came back once I finished them and the doctor would not give me more (not that I want more) I was miserable--now it's tolerable. Still have no idea what caused the hives. Zyrtec (Cetirizine)–Zyrtec by itself does give me some relief, but I can still have full-blown hives attacks. For example, this past summer I was absolutely covered in painfully itchy hives after taking Zyrtec when I mowed my yard. It does remove some of the light reactions, but it does nothing for the big ones.

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